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Merger & Acquisitions:

Four Seasons Exterminating was established in 1987 in Lakeview, Michigan.

Mid Michigan Pest Control was established in town of Clare Michigan, in 1989.

In 2012, Four Seasons Exterminating Acquired, Mid-Michigan Pest Control and have been working as a team ever since.

Together they create The Pest Management Group have 43 years of combined pest control experience. Four Seasons Exterminating Manages the West-Central and Central locations of Michigan. While Mid Michigan Pest Control facilitates and services the Central, North- Central Michigan regions.

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43 Years of Combined Experience

The Pest Management Group is committed to bringing all of the West, Central, and Northern Michigan Residents and Businesses the Highest Quality Pest Control Solutions, at Affordable Rates!

The Pest Management Group is small enough to provide the personal attention and consumers desire. But we are also large enough to handle a wide range of pest control services and needs. We are committed to doing this while staying on top of new technologies and certified training.

Our Standards for pest control are high, and the health of our customers and the environment are number one.  This gives our customers peace of mind knowing they are being provided the best service available.

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Pest Management Group

  • National Pest Management Association
  • Michigan Pest Management Association

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Pest Control Services

Why Pick Pest Management Group?

  • We are Two Teams!  Which is better than One!
  • Together, Mid-Michigan Pest Control and Four Seasons Extermination are “Killing It!” No pun intended! 
  • Together we offer our customers 48 Years of Combined Experience!
  • No Contracts Required!
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
  • Your Health and the Environment are Top Priority! 
  • Family-Owned, Small Business; We truly care about all of our customers. 
Crawling Insects
Flying & Jumping Insects
Rodents & Wildlife (larger than a bug or insect)
Crawl, Fly, Rodents

Pest Control Services by Category

Tell Us What’s Bugging You, and Get Relieved of those Problematic Pests!

Fast, reliable, and trustworthy pest management solutions.

In this section we will cover a general topics and discuss the more common and “occasional home invader, as well as the bigger “pests” that can invade, damage, or be a nuisance to your home or business.

By placing them in a category we can better understand and identify your concerns and what issues you may be experiencing.

  1. Crawling Insects
  2. Flying & Jumping Insects
  3. Rodents & Wildlife (larger than a bug or insect)

One Time Service Call

Four Seasons Exterminating offers a one-time service for general pests control!

We have many customers that do not need ongoing assistance. If you feel you have caught pest activity at the beginning stages, we can most likely eradicate the problem with just one treatment. 

This “One Time Service Call” is an option for 185.00. this includes peace of mind and comes with a 60-day Guarantee. If you are still experiencing the same pest issue within 60 days of your initial service, we will be happy to come back at no charge! 

At this visit, we will follow up with another treatment. After 60 days, we will offer a discounted rate for any issues you may have for the remainder of the year.

Note: Pricing is based on Residential housing and includes your garage.

Your technician may sometimes do extra spraying around outbuildings, pole barns, or other specific areas at your property as promised. This additional area is not included in the standard pricing, and an additional charge will be added.

Michigan Pest Control Group Additonally Offers Preventative Care Plan Options:

Our prevention pest control offers you the an affordable way to manage and prevent pests.

Please call our office to receive a quote specific to your needs!

The Pest Management Group is Hiring! Employment | Our Technicians

All of our technicians are highly trained and certified. Our practices consist of the latest in industry standards to ensure you receive the best possible pest management solution.

We Are Hiring Full-Time, Season Staff: #2021JOBS

Are you interested in working with us? Then click on this link to learn more!


Are you interested in working for The Pest Management Group? Send your Resume and Cover Letter to Ed Winter!

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Fax To: 888 942 6401

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