About The Pest Management Group

Merger & Acquisitions:

Four Seasons Exterminating was established in 1987 in Lakeview, Michigan.

Mid Michigan Pest Control was established in town of Clare Michigan, in 1989.

In 2012, Four Seasons Exterminating Acquired, Mid-Michigan Pest Control and have been working as a team ever since.

Together they create The Pest Management Group have 43 years of combined pest control experience. Four Seasons Exterminating Manages the West-Central and Central locations of Michigan. While Mid Michigan Pest Control facilitates and services the Central, North- Central Michigan regions.

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43 Years of Combined Experience

The Pest Management Group is committed to bringing all of the West, Central, and Northern Michigan Residents and Businesses the Highest Quality Pest Control Solutions, at Affordable Rates!

The Pest Management Group is small enough to provide the personal attention and consumers desire. But we are also large enough to handle a wide range of pest control services and needs. We are committed to doing this while staying on top of new technologies and certified training.

Our Standards for pest control are high, and the health of our customers and the environment are number one.  This gives our customers peace of mind knowing they are being provided the best service available.

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Pest Management Group

  • National Pest Management Association
  • Michigan Pest Management Association

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