Modern Innovations in Pest Control

With the use of hardware and data from technology advances, Pest Control is taking on new research methods. Modern tools are driving non-toxic innovation. Rentokil’s Global Research and Development Centre is researching and developing new organic-compound solutions that can repel or destroy pests. One solution under current review, for example, uses fungal spores that attach to the external body surface of cockroaches.

New Advances in Biopesticides

Organic Pest Control Solution using fungal spores allow the spores to germinate, and then they bore through the outer shell of the cockroach, then reach the insects’ body cavity. Once the spores reach the insects’ cavity, they multiply and kill the insect. #nontoxic #sporegermination #InnovationIPM

Four Seasons Extermination and Mid Michigan Pest Control are a team of dedicated professionals. Our team is determined to providing customers with better, best, and the safest approved pest control solutions.

This, Organic Solution mentioned above and being researched and tested, is one of many new methods kn the rise.

Did you know that Spore Germination has zero mammalian toxicity? Also, Spore Germination uses low volumes to eliminate the pests.

Understanding that insect pests learn to adapt to the pest control chemicals used on them, it’s critical we find an alternative. Pest adapts and is resilient. They then passed on to their resistant genes, making it harder to eliminate pests using chemicals without making the chemicals more toxic.

Solutions like zero mammalian toxicity allow the pest control industry to overcome this vicious chemical lifecycle, as pests cannot become resistant to the spores.

Our businesses are very excited to learn of these advancements and look forward to a non-toxic, approved, pest control solution.

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  1. Mike came out today. He is a great worker and very knowledgeable about his job. Always look forward to seeing his face when we have a problem 😊

  2. Randy Retzlof was at our home today. He’s very personable, knowledgeable and committed to doing the job right. Thanks Randy! Thanks Four Seasons Exterminating.

  3. We would like to thank you for sending Rachel Farmer out to our church. She is very pleasant to talk and always ask if there is anything problems that need to be address. She does her work quietly and efficiently. Thank you!

  4. Our technician Randy Retzlof was very professional. We started with Four Seasons last year after experiencing spider issues at our lake house. I haven’t seen a spider since. Last summer we discovered a very large bee nest in one of our shrubs near the front door. We roped the area off so no one would get hurt. Randy came while we were out and I came home to find a note telling me he sprayed the nest. Never had another bee. He went beyond his duty for exceptional customer service.

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